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04/12 14:17
It’s ironic that Brooke and Katie were discussing not being able to forgive Thomas in front of Flo especially since they just forgave Flo and gave her forgiveness and the keys to the kingdom. #BoldandBeautiful
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04/12 14:13
Don’t nobody gaf about Emma. 🤣🤣 Thomas should’ve ran her, Zoe, Xander, and Flo off a cliff. I SAID WHAT I SAID. #BoldandBeautiful
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04/12 14:10
How dumb does Brooke and her coven sound going on about what Thomas did to Hope and completely ignoring the fact that for the best part of ten years, Liam has lied to, cheated on and generally treated their precious Hope like crap.
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04/12 13:58
Thomas about to wreck sh!t and I’m here for it! He’s blood Marone and I’d love to see the Mass come out to play! Those Spencer bitches wanna call him crazy, they ain’t seen nothing yet! #BoldandBeautiful
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04/12 13:57
I'm giving y'all until May to use and abuse this lame storyline. It better end with Thomas beating both Bill and Liam's asses
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