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03/29 14:15
Ley me get this straight, #BoldandBeautiful Flo sells a baby she knew was kidnapped, gets a proposal a job & a family. Steffy cheated & needed a paternity test, gets the guy, a baby and a happy ending. Quinn did terrible things, Thomas abused his’s ALL FINE. 🙄 🗑
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03/29 14:09
Flo and Wyatt get to personally tell the family about their engagement but not Steffy and Finn. Ridiculous #BoldandBeautiful
1 6
03/29 14:01
This Flo and Wyatt crap is for the birds. Wyatt has been engaged to 5 other women and married 2 of them but yes keep telling me how his love for Flo never wavered 🙄 #BoldandBeautiful
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03/29 14:00
Brooke says Flo was forgiven because she is Storm's daughter and Storm was their hero. Was that the same Storm who shot and almost killed Stephanie, then tried to frame their own father, Stephen Logan for the crime?
3 8
03/29 13:59
Even if you ignore all of the issues surrounding Flo as a character, her and Wyatt as a couple still falls (no pun intended) flat. #boldandbeautiful
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