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03/27 10:27
I literally think that roast last night raised my blood pressure #DragRace
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03/27 09:58
What did everyone think of this weeks @RuPaulsDragRace??
The roast/stand up comedy challenges are always the hardest so we just wanted to say Condragulations to ALL the Queens for giving it there all!!

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03/27 08:26
For anyone wondering why Rosé was “funnier in rehearsal”, this deleted scene of the queens finalizing their roast material from last night’s episode of #DragRace may clarify it:
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03/27 07:59
I’m still trying to figure out why ScarJo was on #DragRace so I haven’t even unpacked the roast 😂
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03/27 07:46
She is a fashion clown , and she made an iconic roast !! #TeamRosé #DragRace
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