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06/17 02:08
I find it interesting that Crystal thought they should just walk into Sutton’s house without knocking?!🤔
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06/17 01:52
Crystal talking about her eating disorder made this whole Sutton thing make SO much sense. Sutton is stereotypical southern American, skinny, blonde, blue eyed and that really triggers Crystal. Sutton was right from the get go, not paranoid. #RHOBH
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06/17 01:32
I was happy to see an Asian woman on the franchise & but she’s dragging this beef with Sutton on too much. Sutton also said several times don’t name call her names but you continue to call her crazy? & her dad committed suicide? I want this to be Crystal’s last season #RHOBH
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06/17 01:04
#RHOBH oh so Sutton is renting Kyle’s house? Jk, Kyle mentions it every other sentence. We GET it.
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06/17 01:03
How many times has Kyle mentioned that Sutton’s house was really hers. At one point she even said she stole it. What? She pays a ridiculous rent on it to Kyle. Kyle was uber annoying tonight with SUTTONS house. Very low class #RHOBH
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