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04/21 21:40
Wait surgery and Kassandra all that we are missing is Lola #My600lbLife
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04/21 21:33
She was panini pressed for this surgery. Got it and she’s STILL COMPLAINING. #My600lbLife
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04/21 21:29
You know what @TLC y’all know damn well we been waiting on a surgery being done for a LONG time since y’all keep casting assholes, and now y’all wanna give us a surgery with this angry lying heffalump ass bitch? Y’all outta pocket! #My600LbLife
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04/21 21:28
it's just too bad i can't do anything about her personality with surgery
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04/21 21:27
Where is she staying post-surgery? Will she get painkillers? So many questions #my600lblife
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