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05/02 21:38
Shamea is very very embarrassing. Going this hard for someone who wouldn’t even go to your wedding. Like it’s actually very cringe to watch. Yuck. She look stupid #RHOA
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05/02 21:01
Maybe we gassed Shamea up too much after the Season 9 reunion because now she ain’t bringing nothing to this show and tryna to have a moment and it’s failing. Let’s keep her as a guest. I would rather put up with Tanya and I hate to say that💀 #RHOA
1 9
05/02 20:44
Is anyone noticing how choppy this reunion is? One minute Shamea is there, the next she isn’t #RHOA #RHOAReunion
3 11
05/02 20:43
Not sure why Shamea is actually on stage? #RHOA
0 6
05/02 20:40
I can't get over with Shamea and the Auntie comments coming to there reunion looking like someone's great Auntie... Beautiful... but Gladys Knight vibes for real! #RHOA #RHOAReunion
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