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05/02 05:33
Wife is awake and doesn't suspect a thing, make it harder and harder for me to explain why the savings account is thinner and thinner catfish findom findomme paypig
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05/02 04:05
Remembering the time I set my friend up with a catfish Twitter account (I didn’t know she was catfish atm) & she paid his haircut 🤣🤣😭
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05/02 01:41
Original tweet was deleted. The owner of the catfish account is a genuine fan and apologized to me directly and deleted all photos. Thank you all for rallying for me. I got I got DMs showing proof of reporting. It means A lOT that yall have my back ❤
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05/01 23:42
@Nuratumatawalle This bring us to the conclusion, that this account is a Catfish account
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05/01 23:02
I’m going to sleep, I want my bank account flooded with silent sends when I wake up piggys. 💋

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