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05/12 00:55
It’s posts like this that make it once again seem like there is violence from both sides. Palestinians are fighting with rocks while Zionist’s are fighting with bombs. You cannot compare the two. Sit the F down Leah #RHONY
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05/12 00:32
More hedious and tacky fashion from Leah McSweeney, New York City's biggest try hard.

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05/12 00:21
Did Leah super glue herself to Eboni? Why can't she get a scene without camera hog Leah attached to her? She's not even on Eboni's league. Stand aside and let fans hear her voice #RHONY
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05/12 00:00
Someone tell Leah she’s not Carrie Bradshaw. #rhony
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05/11 23:21
Leah bringing a Burning Man themed party to #RHONY was stupid and desperate.
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