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04/01 21:01
It's generous for Chicago to provide a storyline for #BlackInkCrew ... they need it. But this trash talking about @TheRyanHenry #BlackInkChi is dumb and irritating, especially from someone he held down. Anything for attention ...
1 7
04/01 20:51
Welp God don’t like ugly!!! You was so worried about opening a shop in Chicago now look! #BlackInkCrew #blackinkcrewny
4 9
04/01 20:47
How is Cesar opening up black ink Chicago? What happened to black ink New Orleans? #BlackInkCrew
3 14
04/01 20:36
@BlackInkCrew Black Ink bout to get ran outta Chicago like they did in New Orleans 🤣🤣🤣
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04/01 20:31
We will not support you in Chicago Cez esp if we know you coming for another Chicagoan... boy fck you! #blackinkcrew
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