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06/17 02:14
Kyle is making it sound like she is doing Sutton a favor by letting Sutton live in her house... Even though Sutton is paying rent.
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06/17 01:27
@Andy watching #KyleRichards & ##doritkemsley “fight” on #RHOBH was SO MIND NUMBING, stupid and completely fake. Andy, you have to leave your personal friendships behind & realize when HWs are stale, fake, redundant, played out & 🔥 them like - Kyle, Dorit, #lisarinna, Erika
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06/17 00:59
Lisa and Kyle definitely voted for T*ump #RHOBH
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06/17 00:59
06/17 00:39
Am I the only one that’s turned off by Kyle constantly mentioning that that’s her house? It’s tacky and unnecessary. #rhobh
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