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06/11 00:59
@jeff_rake @TyDoran28 Excited for this older Cal! But does this also mean goodbye to Jack? 😢 #Manifest
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06/11 00:58
#Manifest Grace is dead, Olive got trapped in the basement, Cal is older, Angelina kidnapped Eden, and that pilot Daly came back in Eureka only to disappear with the 828 husk! Please let there be a season 5! #RenewManifest @lunablaise @HollyTaylor97
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06/11 00:08
OLDER CAL?? GRACEEE!!!!!!!!!! FRICKIN ANGELINA. SAANVI IN A CALLING? TEAM ZEKE ALL THE WAY! DALEY!? So many things to process just in the last few minutes!!! Season 4 HAS to happen or I'll start to go crazy like Angelina. #Manifest #RenewManifest PLEASE I'M BEGGING!!!!!!!
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06/11 00:05
So Olive meeting older Cal will be interesting. School must be hell for Cal. #Manifest #RenewManifest
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06/10 23:55
My wife: Cal just got Mike TVd #Manifest
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