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03/15 22:58
Emmanuel Acho has said more words with substance in the past hour than Chris Harrison has said since 2002 #TheBachelor
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03/15 22:58
Well if @ABC decides to fire Chris Harrison, just hire @EmmanuelAcho . He did a phenomenal job hosting tonight. #AfterTheFinalRose #TheBachelor
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03/15 22:57
Watching ATFR without Chris Harrison is like watching Judge Judy with no Judy #TheBachelor
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03/15 22:57
I still dont see how Chris Harrison can come back. He looks even worse after watching Acho lead these insanely difficult conversations. Chris Harrison isn’t built for this. #TheBachelor
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03/15 22:57
At first I didn’t think Chris Harrison’s job was a big deal.

But @EmmanuelAcho just opened my eyes to what the job COULD be. He is incredible at this.

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