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02/22 17:59
Marlo wasn’t included in the tweet parties, she wasn’t included on the After Show, she hasn’t even been on #WWHL yet... Should we be worried? #RHOA
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02/22 17:14
The aunties finally realized they need auntie Marlo to be peach holding status for the sake of themselves and this show. We LOVE to see it 😍 #RHOA
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02/22 16:36
And to top it all off Marlo catches a shark 😂 #RHOA
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02/22 11:46
Honestly, Marlo is the real MVP for prepping flasks for everyone that went on the boat #RHOA
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02/22 11:21
I think when people ask me who my favorite #RHOA housewife is I’m gonna say Marlo Hampton and if they say “no, like a full time housewife” I am going to stare them dead in the eye and say... Marlo Hampton.
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