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05/10 01:00
If Kandi thought Marlo and Porsha were still friends, she would have no need to run her mouth. Friends would've told each other what happened long before you could, so it would be old news. Nice try. I smell a rodeo show with that excuse too. #RHOA
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05/10 00:59
@beingmahogany @ADogsLifeIndeed @Porsha4real Live footage of Marlo doing her makeup for this #RHOAReunion #RHOA
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05/10 00:38
Not Marlo saying I been here before you yet never been a peach holder
#RHOA #RHOAReunion
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05/10 00:33
Marlo done lost all the fans she made the last few years. #RHOA
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05/10 00:25
Marlo needs to keep her mouth shut about those lipo comments to @Porsha4real. You’ve had lipo done HOW MANY TIMES?! And this you?? Ok girl #RHOA
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