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02/25 21:57
Jermaine is worse than useless #24hoursfox
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02/25 21:56
This guy Jermaine is soooo clueless. He's got no business owning a restaurant. He's one of those people that always goes for the get rich quick schemes. Anything to get rich without having to put in the work. His business will fail even with Gordon's help #24HoursFOX
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02/25 21:56
You're cringing, we're cringing, the customers are cringing, @GordonRamsay is cringing — Jermaine, please get it together, we're begging you. 🙏😬 #24HoursFOX
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02/25 21:54
You know no one will hold it against you to carry a cheat sheet when you are starting a new menu on no sleep in 24 hours Jermaine and others #24HoursFOX
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02/25 21:51
Jermaine gotta take a public speaking class or something gahdamn #24hoursfox
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