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02/28 23:23
The fact that the lawyer let her go on and on about Marc sending her love songs when he had divorce papers sitting in front of him.. #RHOA
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02/28 23:19
Between the lawyer laughing and Marc also asking for ALIMONY #RHOA #karma
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02/28 22:08
Not Marc telling Kenya he wants them to be a “power couple” and sent her a playlist but sent her attorney divorce papers #RHOA
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02/28 21:28
While K*nya, Ms. America, M**re left her child for 45 minutes to eavesdrop on grown folk, doing grown folk business, Marc was filing for divorce. So instead of worrying abt who slept w/ Bolo, she should’ve been worrying about who Marc was actually sending a love playlist to.#RHOA
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02/28 21:20
@KenyaMoore Hope things work out for you and Marc, if that is what you both want, pay the trolls dust and your castmates. You owe no one an obligation but your God, and your child. #RHOA
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