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02/28 21:27
Kandi always acts like she doesn’t gossip, it’s a judgement-free zone, she won’t speak on anyone else’s business, BUT honeyyy. 🍯 When she gets around DonJuan she spills ALL the tea! 👀🫖 #rhoatl #RHOA
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02/28 21:19
For Kandi to be pleading the 5th...she straight snitching to Don Juan. #RHOA
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02/28 21:13
@Kandi I thought you said what happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon?!? #RHOA
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02/28 21:11
the way kandi has leaned on ol’ boy that works for her to say all the messy shit she doesn’t directly want to say... for over a decade now... #RHOA
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02/28 21:10
Kandi playing ‘hush hush’ in the confessionals and now telling Don Juan every detail on camera is exactly why I don’t trust her #RHOA
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