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05/09 20:42
Drew: "I couldn't use the whole tape because of legal reason."
Andrew: "I'm sure"
Kandi: "You couldn't use the tape as it wasn't queued up to where you needed it to be." #RHOA🍑
1 6
05/09 20:35
So Kandi’s “w/e happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon” was crap.... #RHOA #RHOAReunion
4 13
05/09 20:35
So Kandi opened her mouth and told everyone everything. #RHOA
0 7
05/09 20:23
I'm sorry if someone falsely accused you of sexual assault and drugging and someone kept telling you "why do you keep bringing up old stuff?" you'd not like that one bit. So don't keep begging Kandi to move on from it. It's weird. #RHOA
2 5
05/09 20:22
Kandi will never 100% be over the dungeon situation but yet she profits off it. That still bothers me. #RHOA
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