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02/16 20:56
I know Nene didn't fix her lips to say someone is late. #RHOA
2 6
02/16 20:53
I really dislike when people are ALWAYS late to events. #RHOA
3 7
02/16 20:52
How do you show up to your own event 2.5 hours late? This is the same woman that refused to let the ladies into her house for dinner after they showed up 2 hours late because she said it was rude. Interesting...
#RHOA #BravoTV
6 69
02/16 20:51
U 2.5 hrs late to ur own event but complaining about somebody leaving after 10 mins #RHOA
3 20
02/16 20:51
I’m sorry but you can’t be 2.5 hours late to a private event you invited me to say and complain that I was there for 10 minutes. (AND in that 10 minutes, you the HOST weren’t there) #RHOA
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