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05/11 23:10
out of this whole porsha situation, the main thing that confused me is that she like lost fans/ppl switched to team y’all didn’t know that porsha was low down & dirty before this?

anyways you shoulda been on team kenya all season beforehand. & i still love P #RHOA
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05/11 22:34
Is Drew still team Porsha? After she gave Latoya such a hard time for allegedly sleeping with the prophet #RHOA
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05/11 22:32
@cthagod soooo does Porsha get donkey of the day?? I think she qualifies 😂 #RHOA #PorshaWilliams
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05/11 22:26
For the record, Porsha has had 3 shows on Bravo, meanwhile Kenya is fighting for screen time with 6 other housewives on All Stars.

I’m starting to understand why Kenya can’t stand Porsha #RHOA
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05/11 22:26
Also! Why does Simon have 2 kids the same age that aren’t twins?

Put you all are busy slut shaming Porsha or Falynn, letting Simon off the hook. 🤔 #RHOA
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