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03/07 23:43
I’ve really liked Porsha’s hair color choices this episode #RHOA
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03/07 22:48
I need more of Porsha, Drew and Shamea! #RHOA
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03/07 22:09
@Kandi You should’ve been had her on Kandi. You discuss Porsha with all of your guests. You never thought to have Porsha IN THE FLESH on your show to discuss her in person #RHOA
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03/07 21:04
I guess the Married 2 Medicine cast did everything for publicity too. Lemme see if y’all gon drag them the same way y’all tried to drag Porsha & discredit the work she’s doing!

#RHOA #Married2Med
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03/07 21:02
Oh great, an Eva cameo next week. I don’t miss her at all. Even though she was boring being pregnant every year, I wouldn’t mind Bravo giving her a friend role and she feud with Porsha after the reunion😳 #RHOA
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