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03/21 20:21
Cynthia love her some Mike up there saying a 10 minute wedding vow to her man #RHOA
1 7
03/21 20:20
That was a sensual congrats from Leon..Was he trying to get Cynthia hot?? I’m confused? 😂💀 #RHOA
3 12
03/21 20:19
Cynthia after she spent all of her life savings for Lake Bailey just for Mike to say he want to move #RHOA
1 6
03/21 20:18
Cynthia and Leon have great co-parenting skills. They’re there for Noelle and support each other without crossing boundaries. This is what Scott thinks he has with Kourtney on #KUWTK but really, what they have is unhealthy. #RHOA
2 15
03/21 20:18
So cynthia put the WAP on mike down to the wedding night and now he’s willing to buy a house in Atlanta so dawta can keep her check? Iktr #RHOA
2 10

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