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05/11 20:49
when i look back at old #RHOA seasons i get mad af about the way the cast treated kenya. from seasons 5-8 my sis really had no one in her corner! from pillow talk all the way to the miami incident.. she’s iconic alone for being able to handle those gang ups every season 👑
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05/11 20:34
#PorshaWilliams had already slept with @simon when she fist bumped him at his house when her friend #falynnguobadia welcomed them to swim in the pool. This isn't a new relationship, just newly public. #RHOA #excuses #kenya
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05/11 20:28
Andy joked about bringing Drew's husband out in Bolo's costume with the crab cakes but we know Kenya would have enjoyed that lol
#RHOA #RHOAReunion
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05/11 18:50
@HWCulture Actually there was no marriage to ruin because everything about Fakedra and Apollo are scandals and lies they make up 😂😭 and Apollo was in the strip club every night spending his allowance that fakedra gave him 🤷🏾‍♂️ marriage was already failing 💀 blame Kenya being pretty #RHOA
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05/11 18:17
- You WISH you were me, Kenya!
- OOOOOOOOHHHH! A middle-aged fat white guy, NOOO! #RHOA
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