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04/05 06:41
Oh and can someone. check, before next years #MAFS, if those "relationship experts" got their "qualifications" at the same place Bettina Arndt did
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04/05 06:38
Shit casting. Shit experts. Shit editing. Shit forced storylines and scandals. Shit finale

May we never speak of or think of this disaster of a season again


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04/05 06:38
So one out of 12 couples have stayed together! That's around a 8% strike rate. We'll done "experts", well done!! #MAFS #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia
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04/05 06:23
I think the three experts are more thirsty for this drama than all of Australia combined #mafs #mafsau
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04/05 06:18
Why have the producers and the experts denied us the one thing that would burn this place down?


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