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03/31 23:03
That Adam and Kim scene ... I'm NOT okay.

But he had a point—if the roles were reversed, we ALL know the first thing he would have done is asked if SHE WAS OKAY. She doubted him, thought he was THAT guy, and it breaks my heart. This whole scene BREAKS ME 💔😭
#Burzek #ChicagoPD
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03/31 23:01
I mean, I’m glad Adam was honest with Kim, but to leave it like that 💔

Phenomenal performance by Paddy though 🙌🏼

#ChicagoPD #burzek
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03/31 23:01
wow, a tough convo, but very revealing. adam, above all else, is loyal - we've seen this trait get him in trouble before, but in this scene i think it highlights that burzek has a lot of work to do to repair their relationship (both professional and personal) #chicagopd
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03/31 23:01
the amount of hurt in adam’s voice, i get where he’s coming from but i understand kim too. why can’t we ever have good things 😭 just want burzek together and happy #ChicagoPD
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03/31 22:59
I’ve been saying for years that Adam’s more than just the punk they pulled before his academy graduation—tonight, he finally proved that to the unit. I’m proud of him. #chicagopd
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