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05/12 00:10
this #RHOD reunion is almost more frustrating and painful to watch than the entire season. The racism that @TiffanyMoonMD faced is not only not being directly addressed, but she is being talked over, gaslit, and her points deflected. @BravoTV you all really need to do better
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05/11 23:20
Reunion is like all the hypocrisy in the world coming out at once. #RHOD
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05/11 23:17
@NineDaves This Reunion was just...sad. It was almost like the final nail in the coffin of Dallas. #RHOD
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05/11 22:59
Big things happening with my fam today so I’m running late— tuning in to #RHOD Reunion Part 2 now!
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05/11 22:59
Not one second of the reunion was spent discussing Stephanie’s storyline! Time for her to go!! #RHOD
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