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04/24 23:23
#SNL May 20
Guest Host: Mitch McConnell

Musical Guests: The von Trump Family Singers
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04/24 22:37
#SNL May 13

Guest Host: Marjorie Taylor Greene

Music Guest: Ted Nugent (God Willing)
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04/24 22:03
Y’all. If @elonmusk can host @nbcsnl, then I should get a chance too!


I’m free every Saturday, so #SNL go ahead and drop into my DMs... please?
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04/24 21:52
Elon Musk tweeted about Doge and single handily skyrocketed the stock, and you guys are out here wondering why #SNL wants him to host?
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04/24 21:41
Hey @nbcsnl put the great @eddiepence on as a host! Why? Because why not. But what do I know I’ve only been a viewer since before I can remember.

Day: 54

#NBC #SNL #EddiePence #SNLhost
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