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02/28 00:38
Cecily Strong as Marjorie Taylor Green was extremely spot on. I am torn because I definitely want more Cecily hysterically portraying MJT, but also I really need MJT to slither away back to the ooze she was spawned from and never come back.
#SNL @nbcsnl
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02/28 00:32
"I think SNL has finally settled into one of the best ensembles in years. With Cecily Strong being one of the most underrated cast members."

- Stuff I say to my cat

#SaturdayNightLive #CecilyStrong #SNL #WeekendUodate
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02/28 00:31
I despise demon Marjorie Taylor Greene, but I love Cecily Strong’s portrayal of her. #SNL
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02/28 00:30
They need to have Cecily Strong do Marjorie Taylore Greene every Weekend Update for the rest of the season, if for no other reason than to do that demon sneeze over and over. #SNL
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02/28 00:30
Cecily Strong hits another home run, this time as #MarjorieTaylorGreene.
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