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05/05 01:44
Why didn't someone tell Kam she's not intelligent enough 2 come 4 Tiffany? She's salty because Twitter came 4 her because of her elitist racist vibe & constant belittling of Tiffany's culture. Not knowing the diff btw sterotyping&racism tells me all I need 2 know #RHOD reunion
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05/05 01:23
Not Kam going after Tiffany for her tiktoks about situations she has experienced 🙃🙄. Were you really concerned Kam?? Or were you just trying to covertly attack Tiffany once again #RHOD #reunion
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05/05 00:54
Tiffany is better than me because I would’ve hurt all of Kam’s prissy ass feeling. She wants to be the Monique of this reunion with her printed “receipts”. #RHOD
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05/05 00:50
So @Andy, it seems a bit hypocritical to lay into @TiffanyMoonMD when you & everyone else were laughing at @KamWestcott (including Kam) on @BravoWWHL for getting 0/5 words correct @BravoTV #RHOD #Reunion #rhodreunion
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05/05 00:49
tell me Kam is not seriously telling Tiffany that Tiffany's own life experiences are "racist tiktoks, perpetuating stereotypes"

White women, please stop yourselves.

FYI throwing house slippers is VERY common, esp. in Latino community WE CAN JOKE B/C IT'S OUR EXPERIENCE #RHOD
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