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05/11 20:58
@DemonSlayer84 @TheOtherBigO @runmemymoneyplz @KickAshWinn @NYFreshMid @MckeeveMichelle @Ravenclaw1991 @CW_TheFlash @MorienSt @TigerKNC Wells is always leaving like it’s the last time we’ll ever see him. But it never is #TheFlash
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05/11 20:45
Ohhhhh that's who Wells was looking at in that scene. Interesting. #TheFlash #TheFlashPodcast
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05/11 20:19
Deus Ex Machina is Harrison Wells's middle name. #TheFlash #TheFlashPodcast
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05/11 20:15
By erasing the forces doesn't that Kill OG Wells 🤔🤔#theflash
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05/11 20:15
@NYFreshMid @Ravenclaw1991 @ATweetkru @CW_TheFlash @MorienSt @MckeeveMichelle @DemonSlayer84 @KickAshWinn @TigerKNC Nice to see Wells, but this is new: a character actually enjoying themselves. #TheFlash
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