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11/25 23:06
Sitting here right now gutted because while George Bell is a character, he feels so real. And potentially, he is real. That emotion, that heartache exists every day. Be kind. Always. Reach out to those who struggle. @NBCBluffCityLaw #BluffCityLaw
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11/25 23:05
#BluffCityLaw Oh my word. This ending. This makes me so, so sad. The George/Jake story line was excellent. And the love triangle - wow! @NBCBluffCityLaw
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11/25 23:01
Even though I had a gut feeling about George, I still wanted to believe there was a way for him to resist that call. @DeanGeorgaris wrote this storyline with such care and grace, it made complete sense for George’s story arc, but I am still completely heartbroken. #BluffCityLaw
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11/25 22:59

@CaitlinCMcGee @BarrySloane
#JimmySmitts @MeJaag59 @MichaelLuwoye @MaameYaaBoafo @StonyOfficial #BluffCityLaw
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11/25 22:56
This was such a cold and miserable night to film. We waited a couple of hours for the bridge lights to come on and they never did. Turns out it worked out perfectly for the scene. The world is a little less bright without George #BluffCityLaw
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