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05/18 21:18
What's been your favorite Gil & Jessica scene this season?

@LouDPhillips @BellamyYoung @prodigalsonfox #ProdigalSon
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05/18 21:14
Gil's like, "HELL NO. That's my surrogate son!" lol. #pickupprodigalson #ProdigalSon @LouDPhillips @justanactor
4 11
05/18 21:00
Gil appreciation tweet turtleneck and all #ProdigalSon #PickUpProdigalSon
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05/18 20:38
@prodigalbright @netflix @hbomax @warnerbrostv @LouDPhillips You are my TV dad! You are always so kind and interactive with us fans. I've loved Gil since day one and the way you've brought the character to life. Gil is warm, loyal and loving to those he cares about. Thank you #ProdigalSon #PickUpProdigalSon
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