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02/03 23:01
I truthfully think Ruzek totally supports Burgess no matter what. I think he’s just worried about her and being protective. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt. He has matured so much through the seasons and I love it. What he said was so on point. #Burzek #ChicagoPD
4 9
02/03 22:56
notice how Burgess @marinasqu said IF YOURE OKAY WITH IT. we love that😭@NBCOneChicago #ChicagoPD
11 54
02/03 22:52
Do you think Burgess will do it? #ChicagoPD
36 264
02/03 22:41
“They’re kids with no place to go, a system that failed them... that’s the best we can do for them?” GO ALL THE WAY OFF, OFFICER BURGESS #chicagopd
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