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04/01 20:44
Alex is super oblivious to his girl being a major slutbag #BlackInkCrew
3 12
04/01 20:39
Alex is not here for the foolery 😩#BlackInkCrew
1 6
04/01 20:39
Honestly, I feel like Alex would be good with Donna having some extracurricular pussy if it weren't Tati. She doesn't have enough "stay in your lane" in her to be anybody's side piece. #BlackInkCrew
0 5
04/01 20:38
Donna, why tf you thought Alex was gonna be okay with that? #BlackInkCrew ... girl get your priorities straight, every nigga ain’t down with that shit. Stupid !
1 5
04/01 20:38
Alex was busy worrying about some dude getting his woman but all this time it was a woman getting is woman
2 13

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