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05/04 23:16
i’m crying, every time caitlin or frost trend, it’s because people are hating them 😭 #TheFlash
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05/04 23:09
@dpanabaker once again you killed it in tonight’s episode! You pulling off both Frost and Caitlin deserves an award in itself! #TheFlash
2 5
05/04 21:59
Perhaps I'm just naively optimistic but I can't believe this show would finally split these two characters, give Caitlin an apartment set (finally!), and Frost a real redemption arc just to leave the latter in jail forever. #TheFlash
0 8
05/04 21:51
I think today was the day that I ran out of tears from crying, I loved Caitlin and Frost so much today, you really showed your talent and your acting really touched me (I hope the next chapter doesn't make me cry like this) love u and thanks @dpanabaker #TheFlash
9 18
05/04 21:27
Caitlin going back to her apartment without Frost was so sad💔 @dpanabaker #theflash
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