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04/11 00:56
Bowen yang as a iceberg from the titanic is freakin hilarious though #SNL
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04/11 00:51
Still thinking about that Bowen Yang iceberg sketch and I keep forgetting he’s still sidelined as a featured player. He’s so reliably excellent, I automatically think of him as a full fledged cast member.

It needs to happen already. #SNL
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04/11 00:51
"Hey, White Star Line. You built a bad boat. That's on you, honey."

My God, Bowen Yang killed it.

2 28
04/11 00:50
Bowen Yang needs to be upgraded to repertory player after that iceberg sketch lol. #SNL
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04/11 00:49
#SNL has hit all the right notes tonight. Bowen Yang as the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Lesbian Period Drama starring "the only lesbian actress as: Stone Cold Ex™️." Carey Mulligan and her flawless American accents. Incredible.
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