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09/30 23:03
Today’s episode of Bluff City Law did not disappoint. The tension between father and daughter was insane. Jimmy Smits’s Elijah Strait was so excellent this episode, and love where is character is going. Loving Bluff City Law #changetheworld #BluffCityLaw
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09/30 22:56
I LOVE the leaning on the wall, equal smirks on their faces, on the same page Sydney and Elijah in this scene. I repeat: DONT MESS WITH THESE TWO. @NBCBluffCityLaw #BluffCityLaw
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09/30 22:56
You were right, farmers matter. - Elijah
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09/30 22:54
Elijah: Witness tampering?

*mic drop*

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09/30 22:52
Shouldn’t Elijah’s desk have at least a Penny Hardaway bobblehead? #BluffCityLaw
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