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04/26 20:58
Love Puma’s growth. He always been cool as shit, but his maturity is on 100! #blackinkcrew
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04/26 20:54
I understand tough love but I agree with Puma the man needs help at least extend a listening ear #BlackInkCrew
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04/26 20:36
Puma is showing the PTSD from the black experience in America. Millions of us deal with it like it’s NORMAL. That shit is NOT normal! If you know someone who is suffering, please let them know you’re there and help them find help. #BlackInkCrew
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04/26 20:35
all that Puma went through it’s a blessing to see how great of a father and husband he is. #blackinkcrew
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04/26 20:34
Black men going to therapy ... we love to see it . So proud of Puma #blackinkcrew
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