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05/04 23:37
I still don’t like that Kary used her daughters’ mental illness as a storyline. You can’t convince me that she didn’t #RHOD #RHODReunion
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05/04 23:33
I have been waiting all season for someone to call Kary out for her binge drinking. BTW, binge drinkers don’t drink all the time. They binge. And they’re still alcoholics and problem drinkers. #RHOD
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05/04 23:32
Kary trying to hold that pitchfork or whatever the hell they’re holding in the opening credits again another season…you better get that divorce and get a storyline. #RHOD
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05/04 23:22
Tweeting at me about not knowing words... and D’andra thinks Kary is the bully??!! #sorryimtacky #sorryimnotsorry #0outof5 #RHOD
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05/04 23:06
Kary, this is the look you get from Andy when he does not believe you...
#RHOD ⭐️
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