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04/30 14:12
@BandB_CBS I don't feel sorry for Eric, all the crap he put Stephanie through.

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04/30 14:01
@BandB_CBS They were the BEST PART of today's show! Us old school fans remember EXACTLY the excuses Eric used to give for cheating on Stephanie. So what goes around comes around.

#quarter has some crackling chemistry.

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04/30 13:56
@BandB_CBS Two dimes and a nickel y'all- rn I'm on #TeamQuarter until Eric comes around...#BoldandBeautiful
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04/30 13:41
And THIS is why I have no issue with Eric getting cheated on. He's cut her off on every possible way, not just physically.

This been going on since December. Starving a person for affection never ends well. Eric cheated on Stephanie over lack of sex so Karma!

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