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04/30 01:42
Let me set the record straight! 1.) I’ve ALWAYS had my own apartment in NYC and I’ve always lived ALONE. When my mom passed, Tati said that I could come stay with her IN HER PARENTS’ HOUSE IF I didn’t want to be ALONE.... #blackinkcrew
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04/30 01:26
Tati is a waste yute #blackinkcrew
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04/30 00:52
Tati has literaly been passed around the shop. only to be demoted smh. #BlackInkCrew
1 5
04/30 00:52
Remember all the drama started cuz Sky couldn’t keep her mouth shut bout Kitty’s relationship with Ryan and Ceaser got mad even tho when Teddy wanted to fire Tati, he wasn’t having it. He a hypocrite #BlackInkCrew
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04/30 00:50
Here Tati go, another miserable ass female. I’m over it. How did she get on this show again? #blackinkcrew
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