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05/03 21:05
“How stupid can I continue being working for somebody else dream and I’m just sitting here?”

Were those words really for Walt or was Donna trying to convince herself to make some changes? #BlackInkCrew
2 9
05/03 21:01
Now a good story line would be its that’s Alex who stole the money and Donna is the mastermind because she wants revenge #blackinkcrew
1 9
05/03 21:00
Donna confusing tf out me 🤔 First she tried to check Walt now she’s down talkn Ceaser 😒 #BlackInkCrew
0 8
05/03 21:00
All that shit Donna talking she still jumped on that private jet #BlackInkCrew
0 7
05/03 20:58
one thing about Donna, she’s gonna speak her mind. #BlackInkCrew
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