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05/03 14:24
I can’t get enough of Carter and Quinn! Seriously, they are the best thing on #BoldandBeautiful right now!
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05/03 14:24
Quinn wants to take a cold shower but Carter stops her and they go for round 2 🔥 #BoldandBeautiful #Quarter
0 8
05/03 14:04
People forget how much of a freak Quinn's remember her sexcapades with Deacon? Dollar Bill couldn't keep up and make horsey sounds after being with her #BoldandBeautiful
1 6
05/03 13:59
Quinn: We made a mistake

Me: Make it again—

#quarter #boldandbeautiful
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05/03 13:55
Quinn and Carter: "What have we done?"
Also Quinn and Carter: *starts doing it again* #BoldandBeautiful
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