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08/15 22:58
Sad that Moriarty didn't make a physical appearance during the series finale, but loved the series finale. Thank you for a fantastic journey. #Elementary @ELEMENTARYStaff
2 6
08/15 22:52
Watching the series finale of #Elementary . I DON'T WANT THIS TO END Q.Q
3 5
08/15 22:32
Quick toast to #Elementary on its finale -- one of the best crime shows of the past decade. Smart and did Holmes proud.
7 15
08/15 22:00
And here it goes, the finale! #Elementary
4 13
08/15 20:20
Felt fitting to celebrate the @Elementary_CBS series finale with a #TBT from #NYCC 2016. Was so thrilled to get the chance to cover the show & totally geeked out over the opportunity to interview the cast of a show I loved so dearly ❤ Here's to 7 incredible seasons #Elementary!
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