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09/22 21:21
@queensofbravo I don’t think Teddi was the worst one on #RHoBH and there should probably be more people fired. I just want to know how she got booted so quickly when we can’t even get rid of Capt Sandy and Malia on #belowdeckmed
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09/22 21:19
The fact that Teddi admitted to being fired from #RHOBH sets her apart from the bitter gals who "left" their franchises this year *cough* Vicki and Nene *cough*
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09/22 21:12
Teddi's clients when they found out she was fired and "All In by Teddi" being exposed 🥴 #RHOBH
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09/22 21:09
teddi spending a season trying to destroy Denise and instead ends up having the majority of fans Team Denise, her "all in" gets exposed as a MLM pro-ED scam, and the pièce de résistance, Bravo fires her... #RHOBH
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09/22 20:58
Prayers for Kyle during her surgery to have Teddi removed from her ass. #rhobh #byetheodore
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