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05/25 21:26
OmG but what if we get this scene but it's Bart saying hi to Nora and himself #WestAllen #theflash
3 33
05/25 20:53
the way we know godspeed with nora and bart is the next storyline

i just wish they would’ve did it first instead of the forces storyline and introduced us to august heart already

3 11
05/25 20:52
Dark Nora looking like Jean Grey's "Dark Phoenix" from X-men: The Last Stand.. #TheFlash
1 7
05/25 20:41
Why tf did they have Iris compare these people to Nora though lmao no one liked that child but it was still disrespectful #TheFlash
0 7
05/25 20:40
They think they'll be terrible parents and the fact that she could be referring to either Nora.... #TheFlash
5 36

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