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03/31 14:08
I mean, and then there’s everything he did to Rick’s wives. I can’t even list everything he said and did to Amber.

Then he had an affair with Rick’s wife Caroline...

Ridge has been terrible to Brooke’s kids as adults.
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03/31 14:05
Ridge physically assaulted Rick more than once (& nearly killed him at one point) & he cheated on Brooke with her daughter Bridget (who grew up thinking she was related to him).

Brooke is no worse to Ridge’s kids than he’s been to hers.

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03/31 13:58
Too bad Taylor doesn't drop into town and remind hypocrite Brooke how obsessed she was over Ridge and wouldn't give up until she had him. If Hunter Tylo is no longer interested, can we get a Taylor recast? Please! 🤔😠 #BoldandBeautiful @BandB_CBS
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03/31 13:58
03/31 13:57
U know what i dont understand, Brooke is here talking about how Hope needs to make her marriage work forsake of the kids, when she destroyed 2 marriage... and didn't think about the kids..🤔🤔🤨 #BoldandBeautiful
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