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07/30 22:50
The way Tate fumbled after allllllladat extra he was doing... #nextbigthing
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07/30 22:47
Did Tate forget the words? But wasn’t he just getting on Kayla about forgetting words? #NextBigThing
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07/30 22:36
Tate you childish too cause you just wasted all that time to put her down #NextBigThing
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07/30 22:35
Tate needs ta go home. You spent all that time crying instead of working. Calling her a child meanwhile you're acting like one. #nextbigthing
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07/30 22:34
Tate/taye whatever his name is has some fucking nerve yelling at the girl like that, your old ass sitting on the same show at the same place as her. Have a seat. #nextbigthing
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