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06/10 01:38
the scene where Teresa looked at the old version of her, I cried. And then saying “I chose life.” Yes you did Queen. Yes you did. #QueenOfTheSouth @QueenOnUSA @QOTSAddicts
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06/10 00:45
A lot of emotion for a fan like me. I am so proud of Alice! It was an incredible ride these 5 seasons. We will always love Teresa Mendoza!❤ Thanks to the cast! ❤ Thanks @BenjaminDLobato and @dailynrod for everything! 👏👏👏❤

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06/10 00:29
“George coming through for us even in death..” -Pote to Teresa. Cheers to the King. @IamRyanONan #QueenOfTheSouth @QueenOnUSA @QOTSAddicts
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06/10 00:02
In the finale of #qots James and Teresa look so happy, they remind you more of Peter and Alice 😂😂😂 #jeresa #QueenOfTheSouth
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06/09 23:53
“I used the time I could see to get you out of the cave.”

james and teresa got each other out of the cave and thats all that matters to me. #QueenOfTheSouth
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