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04/24 06:08
also was it just me or did all the #DragRace lip sync battles seem... kinda lacklustre compared to prev finales? i’m not talking about reveals (i don’t rly care for the whole rupaul’s reveal race phenomenon) but everything seemed low energy almost. maybe bc of lack of audience?
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04/24 06:00
Imagine if Denali lip sync those Britney Spears songs.

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04/24 05:45
Come through Lip Sync for your LIFE! Absolutely incredible final episode with some KILLER fashion! Very here for it and a very worthy winner #DragRace
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04/24 05:38
Watching Kandy Muse in the final #DragRace lip sync
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04/24 05:05
Drag Race has done a lot of stupid twists over the years, but the Lip Sync for the Crown is BY FAR the worst #DragRace
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