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05/10 01:35
"Miss Elektra depends on no one. Dependence is weakness. I'm going to make my own fortune. I've got a mind for business..."

—Elektra Abundance, strong independent woman #sugardaddyph #posefx
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05/09 23:53
Tonight episode of Pose was perfection! Should’ve def been the season opener #PoseFX #Elektra
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05/09 23:22
@PoseOnFX @tyraaross @MjRodriguez7 Elektra is such a BIG character, a real goddess ❤🙌🏼 love you Dominique Jackson
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05/09 23:17
@PoseOnFX @tyraaross @MjRodriguez7 I can't stop thinking about how tough that scene might've been and how I just want to wrap Dominique and Elektra all of these Pose babies in layers of love and warmth. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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05/09 23:15
We cannot stop thinking about how Elektra stood up to her mother. Did you expect her to have such a heartbreaking past? #PoseFX
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