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09/16 20:51
The reason Brandi is broke and has to move every three months because she refuses to move on since #RHOBH. She keeps crying poor mouth and blames everyone else. She will NEVER be a full-time cast member again. Her mangled face alone won't allow it.
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09/16 20:34
@mainlybravo So basically the whole reason Brandi said anything was because she was thirsty for the 💎
Which just confirms what we already knew #RHOBH
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09/16 18:43
Omg Brandi. It’s over, it’s done. LET IT GO. #rhobh
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09/16 17:49
@KyleRichards one point sent @BrandiGlanville a cease and desist in 2014/2015 but now Brandi tells the truth all of a sudden? #RHOBH 🤔
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09/16 17:43
@TheRealCamilleG YASS!! And with the receipts!! They’ve got to get it out of their minds that just cuz some1 famous has a differing opinion it doesn’t mean they’re thirsty to be on their tanking show. Not all 💰 is good or HEALTHY 💰 & not every1 is a famewhore (cough...Brandi) #RHOBH
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