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06/10 00:57
That ending legit made my heart whole and I am so happy. @QueenOnUSA #QueenFamilia #QueenOfTheSouth 👑
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06/09 23:50
#QueenOfTheSouth To a new life. What a great finale. I couldn't have hoped for a more satisfyingly ending. Well done!
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06/09 23:25
To all the Jeresa Fans, WE GOT OUR ENDGAMEEEEEEE!!! CHEERS 🥂 It’s been a long road but we got it! After years and years of slow burn. We got a happy ending! Time to celebrate! #QueenOfTheSouth
1 11
06/09 23:21
S/O to Queen of the South for being unafraid to give its main characters a happy ending in the series finale. As a Day 1 fan, I loved & appreciated it! 🥺❤️🥰 #QueenoftheSouth
1 8
06/09 23:14

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